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Lectures and Resources

Avocado Resources

Lectures will be released 6/22 through 6/27!

A fascinating look into Southern California avocado marketing
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Southern California:  Edwin G. Hart and the Avocado Tracts of Hacienda Heights and La Habra Heights, 1910-1930 
Paul Spitzzeri, Director of the Workman and Temple Family Homestead Museum

A historical perspective on avocado breeding and varieties in California
History of Avocado Varieties and Their Improvement in California
Eric Focht, Staff Research Associate for the University of California Riverside

Conversation for the prospective avocado home orchard or backyard grower
Avocado Varietals and Cultural Practices- It's a Drupe!
Greg Rager, OC Master Gardener, California Rare Fruit Grower